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GPS Fleet Tracking

Driver Behaviour

Temperature Monitoring

How GPS Tracking Helps

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GPS Fleet Tracking

Maximise productivity and optimise efficiencies

The Navman Wireless GPS fleet tracking system empowers you to unlock the potential of your business.

We understand that return on investment is everything; whether you’re looking to deliver savings, boost productivity or improve customer service it’s important that you have access to the information you need.

Powering our solutions is our flexible range of vehicle trackers that have been designed to maximise return on investment for every business. Whether you are looking for instant savings, or, to change driver behaviour across your entire business we have the solution for you.

With advanced reports, instant alerts and complete fleet visibility you can be confident your business is on route for success.Whether you are looking for a GPS  van tracking, truck tracking or an enterprise GPS fleet tracking solution, Navman Wireless has the system for you.

Driver Behaviour

Driver behaviour monitoring

Set a new benchmark in driver performance

Fine tune driver performance, reduce fuel consumption, extend vehicle life and cut carbon emissions by implementing tracking to your fleet.

Our system has been designed to provide the complete picture of fleet performance and driver behaviour, enabling you to make the decisions which will give your business the edge.

Customised reports have been tailored to deliver actionable information on braking, acceleration, speed, RPM, fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and much more.

Add a head up training aid and help your drivers make the behavioural change which will secure long-term benefits.

Temperature Monitoring

Track your load from A to B and °C

Maximise fleet efficiency whilst doing everything possible to ensure loads are delivered on time and in perfect condition.

Specially developed for the refrigerated transport industry our Temperature Monitoring solution is flexible enough to connect to an entire fleet whether running stand alone or in built data loggers, is compatible with all leading temperature monitoring devices and is suitable for use in refrigerated vans, trucks and trailers.

Instantly report on temperature from a range of sources – from across an entire fleet to within multiple compartments in the same vehicle.

Identify problem areas, drive operational change and watch your fleet become more efficient and business more profitable.

How GPS Tracking Helps

Delivering business wide efficiencies

At Navman Wireless we believe that a well designed and implemented GPS vehicle tracking system has the ability to improve the working lives of individuals throughout a business.

From receptionists to sales teams, HR directors to accounts, it saves time and effort, reduces fuel spend, improves customer service and saves money.

So, if you’re thinking that the benefits of GPS vehicle tracking is solely for fleet management professionals think again.

Customer Reviews

What some of our customers have to say

“I have used Navman Wireless for about 15 years. They provide extremely reliable units and excellent training. The system has also cut my fuel bills!”T/A Kitchen

“From beginning to finish Navman Wireless have been simply amazing.”Envirovan

“A very accurate tracking system with great ongoing training offered. The system proves invaluable to my chauffeur company.”CSD Chauffeur

“We have tried various systems both cheaper, and more expensive, but nothing gives us the flexibility that Navman Wireless does.”Clearwater International

“Very efficient service, does what it says on the tin and at an affordable cost.” Drakes (UK) Ltd