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Vehicle Tracking

Technology to bring your vehicles and your business up to speed

In competitive business environments, tools that give you the edge over your competition need to be embraced with both hands. Vehicle Tracking enables you to slash costs, drive productivity and enhance service with ease. Unlock the potential of your business with real time vehicle tracking from Navman Wireless.

Slash Costs


Manage your vehicle running costs better with a vehicle tracking solution. Use location information to identify quicker, more fuel efficient routing and access vital reports to get an accurate picture of employee working hours and whether vehicles are used out work time, all helping to drive down running costs.

Drive Productivity


Squeeze an extra job in to the day or make those extra deliveries thanks to productivity gains realised by vehicle trackers. With increased visibility of your fleet your back office staff can despatch jobs more efficiently and send the most appropriate vehicle, adding value to your bottom line.

Enhance Service


Deliver first class customer service with help from our vehicle tracking software. Total visibility of your fleet means you can easily see when deliveries will be delayed or when a driver is only a few minutes away from the next job, giving you the tools to proactively manage and exceed customer expectations.


At the core of our GPS vehicle tracker solutions is OnlineAVL, the software that takes a wealth of vehicle, driver and location information and translates it into actionable information allowing you to make business decisions that deliver genuine return on investment.

And because every business is unique with different goals, motivations and pressures, our vehicle tracking system is built to fit around you. Thanks to an extensive, on-going research and development programme, our modular approach means you can choose elements that will see a positive return on your investment in exactly the way that fits your business.

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Drive efficiencies with our Dynamic Dashboard
The Dynamic Dashboard is a fundamental part of each of our business vehicle tracking solutions. From here you can dictate what information you need and how you want to see it. You can instantly identify how your vehicles and business are performing, monitor trends and take action to steer your business in the right direction.

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dynamic dashboard
Reporting for your business
The right reports in the right format at the right time. A comprehensive reporting suite is vital to any commercial vehicle tracker system and ours is built to deliver you the information you need to make the right decisions.

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navman reporting
Alerts that tell you what you need to know
Has a vehicle moved out of hours? Or perhaps been stationary for an unusual length of time? Let automatic alerts tell you what you need to know.

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navman alerting
Learn More About Our Vehicle Tracking Technology

OnlineAVL Technology – at the heart of everything we do
There’s no compromise. Each Navman Wireless solution is powered by our market leading technology, which draws on our vast industry experience and expertise.
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online essential reporting
OnlineAVL Essential – everything you need to start your journey
Make a leap in productivity, efficiency and customer service.
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driver id
OnlineAVL Fleet+ – bring vehicle tracking to life
Everything included in our Essential product and more. Bring your system to life with an intuitive interface that puts management at your fingertips.
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OnlineAVL Complete – the forefront of vehicle tracking
A serious management tool for businesses committed to optimising efficiencies across the breadth of their operations.
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Enhancements – customise and optimise
Customise your vehicle tracking system and achieve the strongest return on investment.
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