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Vehicle Tracking

Maximise productivity and optimise efficiencies with our clever, powerful and dependable technology

Vehicle tracking enables you to unlock the potential of your business.

At its simplest, it gives you real time access to the location of each and every one of your vehicles, where they are going, how fast they are travelling and how far they are from your next customer. However, the possibilities are limitless.

By ensuring that the benefits are tangible, valuable and focused, our vehicle tracking technology enables you to optimise efficiencies and enhance productivity across your entire business.

Powered by OnlineAVL Technology, our vehicle tracking systems will enable you to:

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs Video

Fuel, manpower, overtime

Get the most out of your fuel. Ensure every journey is the shortest, the quickest, the most efficient. Eliminate unauthorised vehicle use and put a stop to engine idling. Optimise use of resources and extend asset life. Guarantee the accuracy of overtime payments.

Increase Productivity

Empower your fleet

Be more productive whether in the office or on the road. Customise to meet your needs and manage by exception. More jobs completed, more sites visited, more deliveries made every day. Designed for day-to-day use and long term planning.

Enhance Service

Ensure satisfaction

Instant access to essential information. Manage, deliver and exceed upon expectations. Respond quickly and efficiently to customer queries. Meet commitments and command confidence.

Learn more about our Dynamic Dashboard

Drive further business improvement with Dashboard analytics. Instantly monitor KPI’s and drill down to identify the cause of inefficiencies. Analyse to optimise with vehicle tracking systems from Navman Wireless.

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dynamic dashboard
Learn more about our reporting

The right reports in the right format at the right time. A comprehensive reporting suite is vital to any tracking system.

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navman reporting
Learn more about alerting

Has a vehicle moved out of hours? Or perhaps been stationary for an unusal length of time? Let automatic alerts tell you what you need to know.

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navman alerting
Learn More About Our Vehicle Tracking Technology

OnlineAVL Technology – at the heart of everything we do
There’s no compromise. Each Navman Wireless solution is powered by our market leading technology, which draws on our vast industry experience and expertise.
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online essential reporting
OnlineAVL Essential – everything you need to start your journey
Make a leap in productivity, efficiency and customer service.
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driver id
OnlineAVL Fleet+ – bring vehicle tracking to life
Everything included in our Essential product and more. Bring your system to life with an intuitive interface that puts management at your fingertips.
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OnlineAVL Complete – the forefront of vehicle tracking
A serious management tool for businesses committed to optimising efficiencies across the breadth of their operations.
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Enhancements – customise and optimise
Customise your vehicle tracking system and achieve the strongest return on investment.
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